Our mission

We are on a mission to foster engagement between female golfers - no matter location, professional endeavour or level of play.

We are creating a unique platform where women get connected, inspired and educated about golf and life through each other and the actors in the golf industry. A safe place where female golfers values, needs and voices are heard. Our ambition lies in working towards sustainable solution for women, the golf industry and the 17 global sustainability goals.


Our story


Sport and golf has always been a big part of my life growing up. My father, who introduced us all to golf, did his best to get me into the game early as well, but I never got caught, why? I didn’t have any of my girlfriends to play with. Easy as that! My own golf journey started in my twenties. A bad back injury stopped me from playing and fulfilling my dream of playing professional indoor hockey. Determined to get back into sports after the injury, I embarked on a golf journey of my own. Now, years later, playing and working in the golf industry, I have golf friends all over the world and a big love and thankfulness to this game and what it has given me.

It doesn't take long, until you realize the enormous void of female representation playing, in the pro shop, on corporate outings, teaching, everywhere. As such, I began to feel a strong sense of responsibility to propel change.


I grew up on the golf course, getting around on my father’s golf bag when my legs hurt. Getting a bit older I learned the game and found the passion. There is no greater feeling than to hit the ball exactly the way you intended to. The golf course became a second home for me growing up and I have got friends for life through this sport.

I realize now, as a serial entrepreneur what benefits I have gotten from golf. The mindset, psychological ease in handling new situations and mistakes, take a step out of it and continue with the same focus as before.

Together with Hanna Moisander I have founded the tech innovation agency, Hedylity Technology. We have invested in, and jointly founded, ARAYSociety together with Caroline Blixt because we believe that empowering female golf will have a huge impact on health, inclusion, norms, structures and the business world as we know it. Let’s do this!

"ARAY Society was born out of the desire to welcome more women into golf, while highlighting the next-generation of the golf industry as more inclusive and equal. ARAY Society provides a new perspective of female golf to the golf industry."

Founded, designed and developed

BY women in golf FOR women in golf

Caroline Blixt

Founder & CEO

Player and golf entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience working in the golf industry on an international scale.

Hedylity Technology

Founder & Techpartner

A tech innovation agency co-investing in startups connected to the 17 global goals, founded by Emelie Meurk Demerud and Hanna Moisander.

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