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31st July 2022

GolfStar is the largest golf group in the Nordics. The business today includes operation and development of 13 Swedish golf facilities with a total of 19 golf courses, more than 50,000 customers, 3,500 shareholders and unique land assets. GolfStar offers golf-related products and services for individuals and businesses. On our website you can book tee times and sign up for membership. With a GolfStar membership, you get the opportunity to play up to an unbeatable 288 holes, from Gripsholm in the south to Arlanda in the north. With us, you can play on 13 18-hole courses and six 9-hole courses in one and the same membership.

GolfStar's full membership is:

- Play All Large

- Play All Medium

- Play All Small

The above membership includes bets on all 19 courses and you as a member can book 30 days in advance.

Other memberships are:

- Play 9

- Play Greenfee You buy your membership via There is also more information about each membership here.

The goal of GolfStar is to be able to offer golf games on the golfer's terms, great freedom of choice when it comes to courses, tee times and prices. You should be able to choose where, when and how much you want to play and then pay for it, no more, no less. Quite simply - The most golf for the money!