CROSS Sportswear

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31st July 2022

Cross Sportswear is a Swedish quality brand at the intersection of sports and everyday life since 1986. Always comfortable – sun or rain, work or play, on or off course. Made for mindful players, where every game is a win for the planet. 30 years experience in producing and designing technical sportswear.

Cross Sportswear was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden by two passionate golfers who were frustrated that there was no water resistant rainwear that gave them full freedom of movement on the golf course. The solution was FTX. An ultra-light membrane combined with different outer shell to provide optimal protection against wind and water while releasing body moisture in order to keep the body cool and dry during all 18 holes.

Through the years, Cross Sportswear has acquired unique knowledge and experience in developing fabrics and materials to design and develop functional sportswear with high fashion sense.